The coolest website and community ever.
9 out of 10 ninjas prefer the shroomery over zen meditation and death from the shadows.
by Shroom-ism January 9, 2004
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An area dedicated to growing mushrooms; a mushroom farm.

A shroomery is similar to a plant nursery where edible and medicinal varieties of fungi are grown instead of plants.
If you turn an empty room into a shroomery, you can grow your own mushrooms.
by shroomee March 29, 2020
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An extreme form of Douchebaggery carried out under the influence of hallucenagens such and lsd and shrooms.
The young man was accused of tom shroomery when his parents house was found trashed and all the expensive champagne was found dumped in the hot tub.
by the goof July 21, 2006
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Mushroom growing website known all over the internet for having a particularly low level of discourse and maturity.
"Hey Ben, where do you go to learn about mushrooms and unwind?"
"Not The Shroomery that's for damn sure! That place is *overflowing* with drama."
by IcannotTellAlie January 11, 2009
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