to be attacked with a whip by an irate dwarf wearing leather.
Addict: flagellate me!
gimpgirl: GRRRRRR!!!
by TM May 13, 2004
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People who, after the Black Death Plague in the 1300's, were both grief stricken and believed they had commited great sins. They would beat themselves with sticks and whips and such as punishment for their sins.
The Black Death brought Flagellants after it had taken its toll on the European cities.
by chocolatecatzzz April 09, 2013
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Someone who flagellates her or himself. In particular, a religious ascetic/masochist who attempts to attain a sublime state or to purge disease or sin through whipping or beating her or himself with ropes, chains and/or flails.

In the Warhammer fantasy battle game, flagellants are a type of special unit available to human armies who wield chains/flails, wear no armour and are immune to psychological effects such as fear.
"Oh no! It's flagellants, whipping themselves into a frenzy as usual"
(Warhammer: Dark Omen)
by Andy April 28, 2004
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Something that is hot, cool or interesting.
I met this girl at the club last night and trust me shorty was flagel.
by Kennon G. September 02, 2004
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Similar to S&M but only likeing the whiping or being whipped sexualy
Some goths are into flagellation, like me.
by ##likes_both_genders## May 25, 2006
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