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n. An audio compression algorithm which is sonically superior to the more widely-known .mp3 compression algorithm, due to the lossless nature of .flac compression. Audio encoded in .mp3 are, however, typically 1/10th the size of .flac, which may be one reason why the .mp3 format retains such popularity over the .flac format.
I encoded the entire Led Zeppelin catalog to .flac, so I will be able to enjoy the best songs ever written in crystal, clear lossless audio even if my daughter scratches up all my original CDs.
by G0lluM May 20, 2005
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Commonly used to describe señoras favorite spanish exam

Used to unite a group of 11 fwends on their trip to Poh-lahnt after the policja forced them to go to "bed, bed, bed"

In order to be part of the OG FLACS squad one must utilize the word sheevan (more commonly dubbed as "sheevs") to show one's surprise, disbelief, annoyance, disgust, or really anything that is worthy of a FLACS conversation
Example 1:

Person 1: "Yo I really want to bring out my inner big booty bitch tonight" Person 2: "Sorry coony I gotta study for el EXAMEN DE FLACSSSSSSSS"

Example 2:
**In King's Bar** Crowd of teens: "Patron on the rocks and we ready for some" Tina & Trisha: "FLACSSSSS"

Example 3:
Person 1: "Sheevan why does Flacs always hang out together" Person 2: "Because they actually like eachother and aren't a bunch of lighthouses" Shalvata Promoter: "Go 2 lighthouse where they accept fakes" Person 2: "Why are you discriminating against South Carolinians?" Person 1: "Let's go to a better club where they play decent music O lelelele O lalalala"
by EarthquakeFreakyFriday September 16, 2018
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1) type of audio compression. loved for its small file size, losslessness, and seekability
2) synonymous with the word gay
3) a bot in the lossless hub
1) Today billy encoded the burps and farts tapes to FLAC

2) I believe that Craig is flamboyantly FLAC

3) <Syco54645> fuck off FLAC
<FLAC> Watch it Syco54645, Please chill with the language.
by Syco54645 August 11, 2003
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When your French I Teacher accidentally calls you black When he/or she (only 2 genders faggot) meant to say you have black hair
After french class, my friends started calling me a Flac. They then avoided me and i started to hang out with the bloods down grove street.
by WhackThatDinner April 21, 2018
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