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Foreign Keyboard Syndrome. The feeling one gets from using a keyboard that is not similar to theirs.
Guy 1: "Why are you typing so slow?"
Guy 2: "Dude, it's FKS!"
by WeaselII March 10, 2009
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"Fucking Kiddie Site" ...used to describe any website oriented toward kids. More specifically, any site with content directed toward people deemed younger or less mature than the person calling it "FKS".
That FKS is full of noobs and stupid kid stuff.
by Uhhh-Clem November 30, 2006
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Fat Kid Syndrome- of or relating to the continual need or burning desire to indulge and gorge oneself in a multitude of delectable, ingestible items, which if not treated or satiated stat could result in any number of: seizure, spasm, angina, kidney failure, irritable bowel, migraine, nausea, sever mood swings, manic episodes, mutilation, cannibalism, pillaging, raping, racism, retardation or even death
Dara and Julia's FKS is acting up they might eat a small country if we do not get them food ASAP.
by Dara and Julia October 18, 2004
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A more recent addition to the numerous abreviations to the English language used in AIM / MSN / online gaming speak (or 1337 as it has been dubbed).

Stands for 'fuck knows'.
fks how he made that shot, must be a hax0r
by daveeee July 12, 2004
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FKS First_Kid_Syndrome Describes someone who is involuntary , naturally competitive

P.s Some people with First kid syndrome may be pathologically narcissistic 3:)

If you're FKS type person, you want to be the best.
People with FKS like to compete β€” to find out who knows the most, runs the fastest, can eat the most hot dogs, and so on.

- AAA : Stop being so focken competitive >.<

-WMD : Sry :p Can’t help it baiby :) blame my FKS ;)
by Phenomenal AAA WMD February 26, 2019
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