When you are obsessed with somebody or you are concentrating like crazy on them. This is not always good, though, as you might not be able to be with the person, or they might not like you in the same way.
Jane has a fixation on Johnny Depp. It's a shame, because she will never see him.
Mark has a fixation on Tim's girlfriend. That will cause a lot of trouble, especially as Mark and Tim are besties.
I have a fixation on my crush. I think he might like me too, if I stopped constantly staring at him.
by BabyIt'sColdOutside February 17, 2019
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mentally:when a person is obsessed with another person, inatimate object,or animal
visually: staring at or gazing at something or in a constant direction for a long time
I naturally have a fixation for women when I see them.
by Sasha June 15, 2006
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Like an oral fixation, but for gore. An obsession for gory movies.
Gary - Man, I think that Sammy has a goral fixation; all he wants to do all day is watch scary movies.

Wilma - Gary, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't try to tell me how to raise my children. Regardless, I'm sure he'll grow out of it by the time he turns 7.
by malarky2020 November 13, 2009
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A term used for someone who constantly sucks, chews, bites, or knaws on object either do to practice for there nightly routine or to think.
by glubbie May 19, 2010
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1) When you are watching something so intensely that you comletely ignore all hazards or obstacles around you and collide with one of them

2) When you are watching something you are trying to avoid so intensely that you forget that you are trying to avoid it, you accidentaly collide with it.

Happens a lot in video games.
Person A: Dude, at break I was trying to avoid getting scolded by Mr. Miller, but I was so busy looking at him I realized I was walking straight into him.

Person B: Haha, thats target fixation!
by ???...!!! March 1, 2009
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A psychological condition first theorized by Sigmond Freud resulting when a person needs perpetual simulation with their mouth. This is manifested from the oral stage of development, from birth-18 months, when breastfeeding occurs.

If a baby is weened either too early or too late in development, it's thought he will develop an oral fixation. This may contribute to behaviors involving the mouth such as smoking, alcholism, over-eating, talking too much, or having an abrassive or "biting" personality.
"Jane just never seems to stop bitching people out. Seems she has an oral fixation."
by Stephanie S November 19, 2005
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Being obsessed with snorting powdered drugs up your (or my) nose, or snorting anything up your nose to get high
crush out powder. cut into lines, find circular tubes or roll up $50 or $100 dollar bills. Place tube/bill into nose bend down and inhale railed powder thru tube into nose. But don't forget the drip. Ah...my nasal fixation has been satisfied.
by junglgurl_t December 23, 2004
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