Typically a middle-aged person who works 9am-5pm Monday through Friday at their job every week. They have never worked a weekend. A nine to fiver usually has a high-end office job. Also see: yuppie or weekend warrior
Nine to Fiver: Awww yeah! TGIF! Out comes my inner weekend warrior!

Weekend Worker: Man, f*ck you. I gotta work 'til close all weekend.

Nine to Fiver: *Giving the weekend worker the middle finger while driving away in his BMW*
by DarthXanax December 16, 2013
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When a poop is so long it stands up on the bottom of the bowl and slaps you in the back of the balls as if to say "Turd out! Later bro!"
After four days I finally pooped. It was a High Fiver.
by Joshua Jerome Sal July 10, 2019
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AIDS patient.
Commonly used by medical or surgical residents.
I don't want to operate on that guy, he's a high-fiver.
by carpetman September 28, 2003
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A young man would be doing his female partner doggie-style while his friend would be receiving oral sex from the very same girl. In this process, both men would be giving each other high fives over the girl's head.
As I was fornicating with my new lover, my friend joined in by shoving his erect cock into her mouth. My friend and I engaged in an exchange of high-fivers while we were getting busy with her.
by Kurt Valerie September 4, 2005
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1. Slang term for a bisexual.
2. Term for anyone/anything mixing two extremes.
1. If you're bi, you like guys and girls, which basically shows "gay" and "straight". You're half, or "point-five" of each, therefore a point-fiver.
2. Someone who's sweet as anything, but has a bad reputation is a point-fiver because they're half bad, half good.
by Buh_To_The_Bee October 29, 2009
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When someone nuts in their hands and slaps another person's cheek with their cum stained hand.
Bro! I just walked in the room and say Ethan giving Aria and wicked Philly Fiver!
by infinitivum January 26, 2021
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