the 5 steps that a guy should follow in a quick relationship with a woman

1) find her
2) feel her
3) finger her
4) fuck her
5) forget her
"yo i fivered that girl the other day - i think shes still waiting for my call"
by kfizzle9992 May 22, 2007
50 grams of weed that you buy from a drug dealer about almost half a sandwich bag filled with buds
Yo can you score me a fiver?
by kaya420 March 29, 2008
Derived from the phrase five by five which is old radio slang for loud and clear. Meaning that things are in proper or satisfactory operational or working order.
Last Entry in a Log:

2400Z Station Fivers
by DalaiLamaBob June 19, 2004
Character in Watership Down, an excellent anthropomorphic novel by Richard Adams. A rabbit.
"Fiver lay down in the soft grass and began contemplating the cost of their travels."
by Brainiac January 8, 2005
1. Noun. A hand job.
Guy 1: So, did you get lucky last night?
Guy 2: No, but she slipped me a fiver.
by Irawkithardcore July 30, 2009
Five dollars worth of marijuana, half a gram, just enough to get you by
I don't get paid until thursday so lets just pick up a fiver
by katillac August 15, 2005
When a person buys a 6 pack of beer and someone drinks one of them.
"I had a 6 pack, but someone ganked one of them. Now I'm stuck with a fiver."
by Ashmo 85 July 13, 2016