Jocelyne's are extremely beautiful and funny girls. They're beautiful inside and out. They're the type of person you'll never want to let go. Extremely cool and a good person to smoke and vibe with. They're the type of people you can tell anything to and they won't tell anyone. It's hard for them to express their feelings , but just because they don't tell you doesn't mean they dont want to. She's not a type of girl you would want to lose. She's amazing and her personality is a1 and she is . They also give good ass head.
"Damn jay weren't you with Jocelyne last night"
" Hell yea "
btw im writing this cause m ex was named jocelyne and i regret losing her so much.
by juanelgoathoe April 13, 2018
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An incredibly beautiful girl. She doesn't know how beautiful she is, but she can make you feel incredible. She's best friend material and you will love her until you die.
Rayne: That's my best friend Jocelyne.
by Raynee November 03, 2012
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The girl way to write Jocelyne not Jocelyn. Jocelyn is the male form of the name. She's random and likes to laugh. She likes to dance and party.
Omg Jocelyne is so weird,but in a good way!
by Chadyourfaceup November 01, 2010
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The funniest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Very giggly. She will always make you feel like the king of the world, and you always want to be around her. Although short, she makes up for it by her huge personality. She will help you out during the best and the worst of times, just because shes an incredible person like that :) If you're lucky enough to date a Jocelyn, make her feel loved if you don't and she leaves you, you'll regret just like I do. Be warned, she is very easy to fall in love with!! :)
Boy: Dude, Have you seen Jocelyn today?
Boy 2: Yes, she's looking more beautiful than usual.
by lher31 January 02, 2015
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Jocelyn is a beautiful girl, even though she considers herself ugly. She's really kind, loving and smart. She could be your Best Friend. She's a great person to talk to. She's always there for you. She's respectful and comforting. She'll be there to help you, in any sort of mood you are. She'll calm you down if you're upset. When you have a problem, you should really talk to her. She's also forgiving. She's also pretty shy, though. She's a really good friend. She's cool.
I NEED JOCELYN!!!!!!!!!!!
by RandomChild1232432323 April 05, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet she is without a doubt the light at the end of the tunnel once you meet her she will be all you can ever think about she will be the apple of your eye even if she isn't yours you will be willing to do anything just have the opportunity to hold her in your arms jealousy will overcome you the second you see her with someone else if you ever get the chance to make her yours don't waste you will undoubtedly regret it for the rest of your life because there may be thousands of girls but none will be as perfect ass her
-wow man I've never seen you like this
- its Jocelyn man she's just perfect
- well you better hurry before someone takes her
- you know it
by Lil teddy April 10, 2013
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