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When one discriminates against a particular fish group due to a feature or characteristic which stereotypes or victimizes the fish pool/ group
You: I had the misfortune of eating some smelly fish the other day.
Friend: Blad that be bare 'FISHIST'.
Friend Bae : I love you , you bast**d
Friend Cousin Bae: F*** you Bush-bit*h I love him.
Friend Bae: You hoe, he is your first cousin.
Friend : Look yh, I kissed you one time yh so allow it.
Friend Bae: yh, hes only my second cousin, you freak.
Friend Bae: 'Fishist', seems legit....
Friend Cousin Bae: F*** you, you, dark skinned bengali.
Friend, Friend Bae and You: YO! That's 'Fishest'
by MKHassan January 02, 2017
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MEANING 1 : A person who is all in favor for aquatic life, supporter of all ocean dwelling organisms.
MEANING 2: Also the term "fishst" is an individual in a group called Fish People. The group exists in finland. Meaning 1 and 2 are not connected at all.
MEANING 1 : Someone who would not think of polluting the waters even in the most minor case of littering, like a cigarrette bud for example

MEANING 2 : There is a group in finland called Fish people and it´s members are called fishist. Nobody knows why or why even such a group exists. A deep mystery. There are rumors that it is a secret society of somekind but nobody really knows
by TÅNGEN December 03, 2014
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When you are against sushi
Friend: I just had sushi this morning
You: Ew that sounds gross
Friend: Don't be fishist
by assenav f. July 28, 2016
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