A pet is usually described as someone who is submissive, willing to take orders, and appreciate a sense of ownership. Whilst this is mostly true, what people don’t realise is that pets are very self-aware, and they can use their status in a positive way, often retaining a significant amount of power in the relationship.
Hey John, it seems like you’ve got yourself a real sub there.

No, she knows what she’s doing, she’s a pet.
by elwhummingbird October 30, 2018
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The only member of your family that you actually like
I hate all of my family members except for my pet
by IWillEatYourMemes August 26, 2017
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In BDSM, usually describes a sub who wants to take orders from a master or mistress. A Master/pet relationship generally a more affectionate or loving than with a Master/slave relationship.
My pet loves to be ordered but we both love eachother like a dog and it's master. I order her to suck my cock every night and we cuddle together as we sleep <3

"I love you pet <3"
"I love you too Master <3"
by Shadowstar78 March 2, 2012
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Someone who is very compassionate and caring for you. They will do literally anything for you no matter what. Just like a dog, they are very loyal and will always come back even if you've hurt them. Pets are a great friend to have and will do everything to make you smile and won't give up until they have. If your a pet you are pretty determined for people who are worth the time. If you have a pet they are better than a best friend, they are great companions for everything. If you need anything your pet will be there with you through your ups and downs. If you are sad, just call over your pet and they will be a shoulder for you to cry on.
by Everyonelovescats July 26, 2015
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An animal that belongs to another animal. def 2: a person who belongs to another person
by ConorMackGeGoryator December 18, 2018
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A BDSM term used by switches for the partner when that partner is playing the submissive role. Not as harsh as calling a person a slave.
My pet brushed against me and looked with longing eyes knowing only I would give her what she wanted most once I had found my pleasure.
by Sang Deesse April 17, 2007
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A useless creature that lives in your house, gets free food, and other free things, without paying rent
Friend: Do you have a Pet?

Me: Yes, I have a dog and she refuses To pay rent even after I asked her nicely
by Almond.Milk November 2, 2019
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