A complete waste of time in an Irish teenagers life.
Your in second year ? Oh ya that’s a f*cking doss.
by b0b04 November 22, 2018
Second-Year Syndrome is when a second or later-year student becomes disillusioned with studying and with universities in general. They have lost the momentum of high-school, the excitement of first-year, and cannot see an end to their degree coursework. Students who suffer from Second-Year Syndrome usually either drop out entirely, or stop trying to gain those elusive High Distinctions, and do as little as possible to Pass.
Student 1: Where's Jamie?
Student 2: He's not coming to lectures anymore - he's got Second-Year Syndrome
by Etain August 4, 2006
An expression used to describe when your life is in turmoil due to self inflicted damage, but your having great fun
Lads, I have no hope of passing my exams, but tonight I'm getting second year Ronan'd
by The Nightcrawler November 30, 2022