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A typo made on a mobile device, where you're not actually typing.

A portmanteau of "Finger" and "Typo"
Dean: Hey whats up?

Emily: Npt Mycnh

Dean: Are you drunk, or epic Fingo?!
by kiwicvnts September 05, 2013
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One who speaks in a broad accent and is difficult to understand
Hey, Deco, what did ya say ya flaming fingo?
by Jackety Smith March 14, 2007
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finger toes - toes that are as long as fingers...
Max: "ew! Shane and I were getting ready to go for a swim and he took his shoes off, his toes are as long as fingers!"

Stacy: "ugh! He has fingoes!"
by Frizzy Beard May 17, 2012
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When your toes are so long they can be used like fingers
E.g.. Phillip Schofield uses his fingoes to turn the pages on his twat mag.
by Kongsize March 10, 2019
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A person who uses all fingers to fill up all holes at once.
Damn bro, did you hear about Alex Townsend? She did the fingo to herself, man.
by LIl_Jew December 22, 2017
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