Getting something taken from you in a slick way
When your teacher collects money for a pizza party and doesn't show up the next day, that would mean you got finessed.
by hahah zz November 22, 2016
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Getting your way in life, sometimes through cheating. Hustling.
I just finessed my way through that exam!
by andover.massachusets February 12, 2019
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To talk someone out of their things
Not stealing

persuading someone out of their belongs, or to do you a favor
"I finessed her out of her panties" that means you talked her into letting you smash
Finesse Gang - A group that finesse folks out of their things
by Brayah December 4, 2011
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1. Another word to describe using Chegg on all your assignments to pass college

2. Using the strength of street knowledge to pass anything you didn't study for or weren't prepared for
"I used the art of finesse to pass physics with an A"
"Time to finesse my way through college"
by atico98 October 18, 2017
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To Take Something From Someone Without Them Being Consistent With It
I Just Finessed Him Out Cash Twice!
by 1k Younggin March 3, 2016
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The act of acquiring some fine-ass.
person a:"So what were the magic words that you used to get them to come with us?"
person b: "All I said was 'hey ladies, how would you like to go out on my yacht?'"
person a:"Damn, you finessed that shit." "But they know it's really a rowboat, right?"
by gruebermeister July 6, 2009
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