Someone who’s able to finesse, manipulate, or trick others and especially authority into getting what they want. For example a finesser is Jahden Slate. He is god finesser and can’t be finessed because you can’t finesse a finesser
Yo you just finessed that teacher into not assigning you homework. Your a king finesser
by Armando0908 January 30, 2019
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The vulnerability to he finessed. To be worked on or played. To be manipulated.
That girl is finessable.
by amula94 January 10, 2018
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a term used to describe one who performs a task with such finesse, that they achieve sublime perfection in that particular task
in taking that catch, Ryan provided a finesseful display of skill
by ryan October 16, 2004
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This slang is very new and used by rappers recently gaining recognition in the industry. Typically only used by the younger generation of trap rappers. More importantly, it means to dilute drugs (like baking soda for cooked cocaine), so that more product is created with less substance.
"Im finessing the rest of this brick because I am almost out."
by Cracker Jackz July 09, 2013
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