A highschool located in Durham, NC. Riverside is home of the pirates and the schools Principle Mr. Key. Riverside's student body is compiled with boys who think they are god's gift to earth, and girls who look and act like they have money. But don't let their looks confuse you. Burried deep within their designer purses and khaki pants are 9mm's and knives. We kick ass at wrestling due to all the money the Booster Club raises for roids.

"Roll Pirates Roll!"

"Yo' I'm rolling up to Riverside High later, wanna come?

Yea, I'll come in about 10 minutes when my bulletproof vest gets out of the dryer."
by a. ha and nik k. July 30, 2006
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An average public high school in Painesville Township, Ohio. Home of the Riverside Beavers. Known in Lake County for being the only high school to have five grades of students. (8th-12th.)

Recently sued by Oregon State for theft of their sports team logo.

All speak of "gangs" should be considered ridiculous banter as the so-called gangs are groups of poker playing 8th graders. Predecessors to which had names such as (In all seriousness.) "Ice Pick" and "Fire Shovel."
Person A: What school had a basketball player, with big ears, shove a Tang bottle into another guys ass? I think his name was Ricky...

Person B: Riverside High School...
by Dias Crimson April 21, 2006
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Riverside High School is a school in Northern VA, and it contains a large population of celebrities.

The freshman class includes cocky students who think they know everything and are constantly being bullied by the "superior" upperclassmen. However, the freshmen actually do know everything, whether the upperclassmen like it or not.

The sophomore class includes a bunch of lazy, though hilarious, animals. The sophomores generally rule the school and always get into trouble for the dumbest reasons.

The junior class is basically just a bunch of perfect children who actually, unlike the rest of the school, know what they're doing. These students are always good at whatever they do.

The seniors, oh the seniors, are a collection of the most overhyped class you'll ever meet. They rule the school and make everyone their slaves, pretty much. Oh, and you'll probably never see them in school.
"Riverside High School? Never heard of it."

"Maybe i'll go to Riverside next year! Actually, i'd rather not lose brain cells..."

"Brah, the saiiihhhddde."
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A school located in Boardman, Oregon. Their mascot is the Pirates and their school colors are Blue, White and Black. Everybody at Riverside thinks they are the shit because they went to state. What's funny is that they lost, due to all their bragging. Besides losing at state, this school is also the home to the weirdest fights. During a fight, people witnessed a shoe flying. Other than losing at state and having the weirdest fights, Boardman is somewhat a decent school.
by RetardoHaha August 19, 2010
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a basic hell hole with no a/c at all including fights shoot ups if possible and autistic kids screaming down the halls and where all bus drivers will always allow the white kids to say any words they want except for black kids any swear they say immediately they get a detention and where the teachers are also racist and if you just finish your homework when he passes you and you say you just finished he'll say to hell with it no longer matters to me you just get an F and a detention
person1: where do you go to school
person2: riverside high school
person3: good luck living
by mark johnberg October 1, 2018
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Home of the Beavers, RHS is situated on the Grand River in Painesville, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland). Riverside was built in the 50s and the school's colors are black and gold. Two rival gangs, the Face Cards and the High Rollers ("Dice" for short) fight for control of the halls each year.
The Riverside marching band is usually the biggest in Lake County.
by The Beaver April 18, 2005
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RHS is located in Riverside, New Jersey. RHS is the home of the Rams! This school is filled with lots of crackheads and druggies but has amazing education. A lot of D1 athletes graduate from RHS.
Girl: “I go to a private school upstate
Boy: “Well i’m a D1 athlete from Riverside High School!”
by iluvmybf123 December 1, 2019
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