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To swing into climactic end-of-times orgasms when a minor weather event occurs, including but not limited to panicking a community with portents of floods, avalanches, and tsunamis when 2 drops of water hit the earth. Attributed to weatherman Mark Finan of KCRA news of Sacramento, California.
My mom went Finan and left 7 messages on my machine when she heard it was raining downtown.
by Termite February 22, 2005
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a girl who has blonde hair and is extremely pretty...
Britney Spears can be considered a Finan.
by ghetto kat November 18, 2004
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Derives from the old Norse word Fijnan which roughly translated means: "fiddled by midget clowns"

1. A love child between Bryan Cowan and Bob Dylan.

2. A vending machine of immense information most of which is inaccurate

3. A festering lump brought on by the incorrect application of post-circumcision penile cream.

4. When a silver back gorilla picks up a bass guitar
"man 1: Argh! i just cut off my penis because i was told it would bring me great riches!
Man 2: Oh! somebody must have told you a Finan!"

While at the circus, a group of Finan usually make balloon animals and scare small children.

Whats that terrible noise? sounds like iv been rodgered by a Finan
by Enniscorthy prostitute February 18, 2010
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