A very large indefinite amount. such as the limit of X as X approaches infinity.
Going to the gym this late sucks, there's going to be a butt ton of people.
by aznpwr January 14, 2009
synonym for "butt load" "ass load"
also used as "metric butt ton"
"Dude you gotta come over I got a metric butt ton of weed"
by Carney January 13, 2004
a fucking lot.
a shit ton.
a great amount.
Nike didn't give John Ross an island, but I'm sure they gave him a butt ton of cash.
by b&byc&kes March 5, 2017
mmore than a shit load.
Dude! your dog left a butt ton of shit in my yard!
by csilwy October 31, 2003
A large quantity of something, usu. intended to be greater than hugantic or ginormous but regardless is referring to multiple items or actions.
All right, recruit--I'd better see me a metric butt ton of shoe polish on those boots or I'm gonna rip you a new one!


I'm afraid I can't join you and the lads for the croquet match today, as I have a metric butt ton of wallhangings to color-coordinate before the Gimp arrives this evening.
by Macslacker February 4, 2006
1.An amount that exceeds expectations of extremes, literally in metric weight.

2.an amount equal to a ton measured in increments of obese asses, usually for diorama purposes only.
by Alcaceltzer P. Grunt October 24, 2010
A value of measurement relating to the mass of Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Kim Kardashian's Asses combined.
by DyingHawk May 31, 2015