some gay game that all the gay ass nerds play and they suck balls
ray was playing final fantasy

Damn final fantasy is gay
by richie from no problem February 11, 2005
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The best games ever were in the final fantasy series. A trio of great games and not for nerds anymore as millions of people play everywhere.
I think final fantasy 9 is the best game ever!
by ganban May 02, 2005
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a pointless game where one walks around then fights and continues to walk around.
-there is more to life than final fantasy.

-you're addicted to final fantasy, you need help.
by anti-final fantasy January 14, 2008
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Final Fantasy is a series of totally AWESOME video games. There have been many Final Fantasy games, and most of them have been HUGE hits, though some have been complete wastes of time and money, such as Final Fantasy Tactics And Tactics A2.
Speaker 1: "What's Final Fantasy?"
Speaker 2: "It's pure AWESOMNESS!"
by FinalFantasyFreak April 01, 2009
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An RPG (Role Play Game) series created by Squaresoft/Square Enix/Square. It was named Final Fantasy because as it was supposed to be Square's final game, but because of its huge success, they carried on to make more RPGs. Final Fantasy started as a nes game (nintendo) but Final Fantasy VII was released on the PSX. Many people who know what FF is, know of it from FF VII and later titles, as the earlier releases were not on the PSX and also not as succesfull.
Final Fantasy VII and VIII are the best RPGs ever, however if you want something a bit more exciting, go play an online RPG (ORPG/MORPG/MMORPG)such as ROSE or Ragnarok Online
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 21, 2005
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A confusing game which everyone loves and has a series of 12+games which was released back around 1980s which started off in the far east.
Final fantasy is just like pokemon but instead off hit kos it has something called limit beaks.
Person 1:lets play final fantasy.....

person 2:i dont understand this shit who the fucks squall?

Person 1:idk fuck it lets play pokemon.
by i like rune pie May 23, 2007
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It's simply a magical series, the games are touching (mainly VII,VIII,IX,X/X-2) and the stories stay in our hearts forever because of that. My favourites are Vincent, sephiroth, squall, tidus, auron, basch, among others. Oh, and rikku is just amazingly cute, i'm in love forever!!
Final Fantasy series, I cried in FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX and FFX-2, just amazing, FFXII was a let down thought... :/
by Mario Silva August 13, 2007
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