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Someone that looks the exact same as another person. yet not a twin. ghost identical to living person: an apparition in the form of a double of a living person
yo i saw someone that looked just like u...could have been your doppelganger
by Keovani March 10, 2003
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A look alike of a person that you know
Person 1: yo bro I see your doppelgänger

Person 2: yeah bro they look exactly like me woah
by CodeBlueCodeBlue November 06, 2019
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alternate: 'Doppelgänger', noun
Deprived from the German language, literally meaning "Ghostly Double".
One who nearly or completely resembles another- but with no biological relation.
Believed to be an omen of death if one was ever to see their Doppelgänger.

Alt+132 to type into a computer.
You look just like -Name-! You could be his Doppelgänger!

I often tease my identical twin about him being my Doppelgänger.

by TheHarshSeason July 26, 2009
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It's the guy to blame when the Fed's come knocking on your door.

A body double or look-alike.

A vision of one's self out of the corner of your eye.

I heard her say, "Now that's one good looking doppelgänger."

In folklore it's a harbinger of back luck:

a) When you see your own doppelgänger, it's an omen of death.

b) When you see a relative's or friend's doppelgänger it could mean illness or bad luck for him/her.
German origin: 2 words a)Doppel- double b)Gänger- walk or walker
Zooey Deschanel's doppelgänger would be Katy Perry or vise versa.
True story:
In a dream or vision Abraham Lincoln looked in a mirror and saw two reflections of himself. One paler then the other.
This doppelgänger was an omen that he would not survive his second term in office.
by skulkadin September 26, 2013
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A facebook trend where instead of using a real picture, a user uploads a picture of a celebrity with whom they vainly perceive shared physical features but is in reality much more attractive.
"Dude, I'm soo cool. After I posted the Urban Dictionary definition of my name as my status, I uploaded a picture of Tom Cruise as my profile pic doppelganger."

"Well, he is short and weird..."
by Tom Shane Jr February 04, 2010
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A person who seems to be an exact copy of yourself. Doppelgangers usually cause trouble by acting as yourself and interacting with other people. It is said that if you come into contact with your Doppelganger that you will die instantly, leaving the Doppelganger to play out your own life.
Bob: Hey, Fred, I don't like you being around Sara anymore, she says that you creep her out.

Fred: What are you talking about, man, I haven't seen Sara for years, is she in town?!

Bob: Yeah, I guess it was just a Doppelganger.
by joeyphiel February 25, 2011
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someone who copies your order, a copy-cat
Person: I'd like a white chocolate mocha
Person 2: I'd like the same thing
Person: you doppel-ganger
by Janae F July 29, 2005
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