15 definitions by Uncle Funkalunkel

The name of some sucka MC named Alex. Very chill guy, extremely smart and willing to learn, and a hell of a lay. Give him some Twizzlers and he's yours for life.
Crucified Alien stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
Who, me?
Yes, you!
Couldn't be!
Then, who?
by Uncle Funkalunkel November 14, 2003
When someone comes to your house and farts all over the place. Even one fart can be considered assing it up.
That motherfucker done came to my crib and assed it up in my motherfuckin' heezy!
by Uncle Funkalunkel October 15, 2003
When a wordfart/word is misjudged, it can drop some butt gravy onto the tighty whities. Is used to describe the gooey, mucusy ass slop that drips from a distressed bunghole.
Sucka MC: Damn, yo, I think I done shit my pants!
Pitied Fool: Naw, kid. You just dropped some butt gravy.
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 23, 2003
A forcefully-ejected wordfart/word , but may sometimes be accompanied by wordbutt gravy/word , which will be wordass vomit/word .
Fool-ass Sucka: Damn, son, what is that stizzench?
Sucka-ass Fool: I ates me some grits this mo'nin' and had me a butt sneeze.
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 23, 2003
The pigs, bacon, 5-0, po'-po', the Cops. The best term for Piggery is the Filth. Originated in Britain.
Cheese it, boys! Its da filth!
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 23, 2003
Spanish, meaning 'Filthy Whore'. Usually a disgusting, vile woman. The 'es' in esquerosa is usually silent.
by Uncle Funkalunkel October 9, 2003
A nub of flesh on the top of someone's asshole. Pretty fucking gross.
I was fucking your mom in the ass and I tapped her ass clitoris and she squirted diarrhea on me.
by Uncle Funkalunkel October 29, 2003