An account, file or application that cannot be resolved. Due to legal reasons there is no way to complete or reject the work requested.
How many barnacle files do you have in your work load?
by Barnacle file April 16, 2019
A YouTube channel known for creating unlisted videos for exclusive members and fans. These videos will usually include content targeting other individuals online. The PDF fanbase is brutal and will often go out of their way to doxx their victims.
“Did you see the new PDF files video?”
“No, what’s that?”
“Lmao must be a new fag
by Nigarboy January 29, 2021
Instead of remembering the hard spelling of the actual word "pedophile" or "peodofile" or god knows what... we can just use pdf-file
The reporter said "That man is a pdf-file"
by forshaw November 23, 2021
A so called “streamer” known for having a small community of idiots who enjoy harassing and bullying people online unprovoked.
Person one: “ I love pdf files
Person two: “Jesus Christ you must be a fucking idiot then”
by Pdf files sucks August 29, 2021
Only one copy of this file may exist. In order to get this file, you must take someone else's alpha file.
Cotton couldn't take anyone's alpha file.
by dabodabo December 5, 2017
Receptacle for letters of complaint, demands for explanations, begging letters, etc.
Did you deal with that wokey's complaint about our announcer using the phrase "ladies and gentlemen"?

Oh, yeah. It's in the Bravo India November file.
by Azenath69 February 15, 2022