Someone who pretends to be busy but is really listening to everyone's conversation.
Look at that girl, she's being a filer again!
by nn_paige July 11, 2008
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An adjective used to describe an action that is utterly and completely lame.
Dude, what OJ Simpson did was seriously filer.
by Tyler Lloyd September 10, 2006
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To ram that bean (clitoris) so hard/ fast you file that shit down
I rammed her so hard lastnight you might as well call me the bean filer
by beansalad December 16, 2015
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When having sex. If the male is very dominant, and has a vigorous technique - leaving the girl with a vagina as open as the Mexican border it is often stated they have been JACK FILERED.
He was fuckin massive last night, my fanny was gaping! He proper Jack Filered me, my nigga.
by Jizzlamic State April 27, 2018
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A really bad middle school that shouldn’t exist at all. The teachers and principal really suck and most of the teachers speak spanish.
Guy: hey, what middle school do you go to?
Girl; henry h filer middle school
Guy: ....
Guy: oh.
by barf_unicorn February 1, 2019
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A super sexy amazeballs girl, whos name is Sofia, but her stupid brothers nicknamed her Da Filers. Shawn Mendes is definitaly going to love her when they meet. She often laughts and makes others laugh. Sometimes she gets drunk and steps on computers...
Damn, Da Filers is being herself again...
by sofia88 March 19, 2017
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Televised high-budget films centered around something weird, mostly for an adult audience. Often, they are bombs.
Reyna: Did you hear that Lili is going to see a Fetish Filer on feet?
Joel: Oh gosh not Lili.
by Edavigg August 20, 2023
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