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a derogatory term used to describe a homosexual black man... the combination of faggot and nigger.
That guy Kingsley on youtube is the biggest figget ever. He is a dick loving figget.
by nogman April 10, 2010
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An intentional misspelling of the word "faggot", primarily in the context of a jocose Italian accent.
Jesus Fuckin' Christ, I saw some figgets at that bar in the North End, freakin' queahs...
by OhMyGodAFlyingChinchilla February 14, 2008
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'Fig' for short, is a substitute for the word 'faggot' with the intention of insulting a person, without meaning gay and triggering the LGBTQ community. (Figget =/= Faggot)
Hamish Bull is a figget who caught herpes from his dad.
by Steven hsiao December 07, 2016
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person 1:Gavin is really gay he loves madonna and burlesque
person 2:He's a real figget

gay faggot
by A.Big.Richard February 13, 2017
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