A word used to make obese people feel better about themselves
by MonkeyPr December 30, 2017
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a beautifly shaped female with some extra meat on her body. Must have very prety face.
Look at that plus size model on a runway. I'd love to kiss her chubby belly.
by plussize August 24, 2009
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A full figured female or male who is just as attractive as a super model but can serve as an example for the full figured people.
Queen Latifa is a plus size model who does adds for cover girl.
by Angela Footman July 20, 2005
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A person of a larger weight, who really doesn't give a shit. Often loud and rude, and constantly belittling skinny people who aren't "skinny bandits", the posse of the plus sized bandit. Often will cause fights, and over dramatize situations. Eats whatever they want however they want, no matter who is watching.
Did you see that loud guy fighting in the cafeteria??

Yea he was such a plus sized bandit!
by cat55 October 22, 2010
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