A friend with benefits in another city. No matter how far away or how long ago since you've seen each other, you can always plan on getting laid while you're visiting their city.
Oh, we can certainly crash there - he's my fuck stop.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 19, 2010
Douche: What's pink, bubbly, and tapping on the glass? A de-

Guy: Fucking stop.
by Entr' Acte November 12, 2009
To tell someone to stop, with a serious tone.
Shawn: Hey you got rejected

Devin: Just fucking stop you fat piece of shit
by devinhacks November 11, 2017
An emphatic, incredulous rejoinder to a statement, which indicates one's utter rejection of that statement as being so far beyond ridiculous and/or stupid that no further discussion of it is merited, warranted or tolerable.

Used in full when spoken, or as the acronym 'FFS' in texting/chat environments.
Tweener: There's never been a singer like Justin before...like, never, ever, EVER!
Non-Tweener: Woah, FULL FUCKING STOP!!

Justin Bieber is your idol?? FFS!!

Like, OMFG...you hate the Bieber?? FFS!!

Dude, you really plan to use Justin Bieber in your Urban Dictionary Definition example?? FFS!!
by ExtremistModerate January 15, 2011
A funny, hypocritical joke that is said when another person is cursing repetitively because he/she is very angry. Guaranteed to cut the tension and lift the mood. Similar to the term the "fuck" word
A: My boyfriend thinks I'm fucking PMS-ing, and I'm fucking not! Like what the fuck? He's such a fucking jerk!

B: Stop fucking cursing!
by Dr. Curious January 23, 2011
A response to people who ask you what your mother would do if she heard you cursing.
Student: What the fuck is going on with the lights cunt?

Teacher: What would your mother do if she just heard you?

Student: She’d tell me to stop fucking swearing!
by STOpfuckingswearing February 16, 2019