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a word to describe being very in the moment with something you are obsessive-compulsive about, so much so that you are going beyond doing only what you are doing. Usually includes pacing back and forth and can involve wiggling. To fibulate, fibulating, fibulation, and fibulated. Fibuli is the stimuli that provokes you into it. Only three people I've ever known have used the word, myself included, its an evolved version of a word my highschool friend created back in the 1990s.
He fibulated with his smokes and coffee.

You're fibulating too much.

Did you have your fibulation yet?

by andi & keese March 30, 2006
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an archaic word meaning to perform the action of buttoning or unbuttoning one's shirt
It is difficult to fibulate with cold hands.
by fibulating August 05, 2011
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