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Also known as "fairy herpes" or the "glitter disease". This is when you get doused in glitter, and since glitter spreads, and fast, it spreads like herpes, starting with someone you hug, or bump into and they spread it to someone else.
"my girlfriend laid in my bed, now I have ferpes."
by koolkat1776 September 18, 2011
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The disease one gets from wearing bowling shoes without socks.
Jamie developed a bad case of ferpes Saturday night when she threw caution to the wind. She carelessly neglected the needed barrier between her feet and the biological bedlam that was her size fives
by Wmfields2787 January 18, 2013
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An extremely contagious, incurable type of blisters on the feet that look like herpes. Ferpes is accquired by taking your shoes off in public while not wearing socks, or touching the feet of a person who has ferpes. In extreme cases, you can catch ferpes by just looking at the feet of a person with ferpes.
As Megan took her shoes off in history class and wrapped her feet around the desk poles, the class was traumatized by the view of her festering ferpes.
by Grace O. January 03, 2007
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n. A virus caused by the foot of someone kicking or playfully attacking you with their feet especially when the person getting "ferpeed" does not like it in any way, shape, or form.
"EW, AVA STOP! You're giving me ferpes!!"
by Sosothehoho August 08, 2017
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