A closed container or particular place you store odorous marijuana so that the smell does not diffuse further
Me: “Woah, this weed is loud!”

My boy: “Its okay, this place is soundproof.”
Me: “Aight bet.”
by Roger_Waters April 02, 2019
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Sexual act; penetration of the ear. Resulting deposits in ear may result in hearing problems, hence 'soundproofing'; to ejaculate in ones ear.
Damn blud, yo just penetrated my ear, AND ejaculated in it, therefore I have been, like, totally sound-proofed.

Pardon? You'll have to speak up a bit, I was given the soundproofing to end all soundproofings the other night. Sorry, could you pass me those cotton swabs? Still got some... semen... in here...
by DEATH April 06, 2004
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A TV show based in Vancouver that played music videos, it became very popular and ended up having a real effect on music vids.
"I stayed up late Friday to catch soundproof"
by NINluver July 18, 2008
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