I thought "femenism" was the correct spelling of feminism until I searched it on urbandictionary.com. It had one accurate definition, but I knew it was wrong because only 100 votes existed. I noticed 50 idiots had voted yes. I didn't vote, because even though I'm bad at spelling, I'm not an idiot.
by thisisfutile November 16, 2010
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a feminist group most guys search up for bare titties
guy 1: some bitches in femen are hot.
guy2: Femen?
guy1: porn on the streets
by Delta Damag September 2, 2016
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I went to finger her, but she was already so hot with femen that I just went ahead and fucked her brains out!
by Anonymous December 3, 2002
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1)Belief in the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes.

2)The movement organized around this belief.
Femenism is cool.
Femenism is not a sexist organization.
Femenism is not a man-hating organization.
by Sonia0129 August 30, 2007
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Femen. Subset of male sex. Prefer comfy clothes and long hair with makeup.
The party of, "femen", threw on their wildest attire a went to hang with the rest of the men at the club.
by xmama13 September 12, 2020
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The substance that is produced after man on man, or man on woman, anal sex-without a condom. Also known as: Shum.
After a night of ass rogering, I filled the toilet with femen.
by Steve Strong January 23, 2006
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Thomas will never taste femen semen.

Avery makes all the ladies wet with femen semen
by Phat Duong November 7, 2016
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