A person who justifies their hate for men by calling it "feminism". Is not a true activist for feminism, which is the equality of the sexes, but rather an advocate of Matriarchy (women in complete power). Frequently, this person believes that women are more intelligent and generally better because they have vaginas.
Jenny is a feminist. She believes in equality between sexes by advocating women's rights.

Susan is a femenazi. She hates men and everything that has to do with them because they have penises. She justifies this by calling herself a feminist. Susan is not a feminist. Susan is a bitch.
by kawwl December 2, 2013
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A woman who believes that women are the superior gender, and that all men are pigs that would fuck anything with a hole.
Kate: Wow, Miguel is such a an asshole! He stared at that tree for hours!
Jennifer: Stop being like that, your such a femenazi.
by FancyL February 2, 2015
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A woman who believes that the female gender is superior in every way and do not need men
Damn that femenazi so dumb she realize you need men to continue the population?
by Dat_Hguy November 20, 2017
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A woman, who despises men and will do anything to prove that man are disgusting pigs and be castrated.
by FailedAbortion123 January 11, 2020
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A radical feminist who, instead of finding ways to promote gender equality, expect women to be treated like gods and just hates men in general. A typical femenazi might take up disgusting habits, such as ruining her body with tattoos, having crazy hairstyles, growing long armpit hair, never showering etc... Most femenazis whine on Tumblr and some may be hiding among us here on Urban Dictionary. When femenists gather together to protest, it is normally about an important issue. Not femenazis. When a large group of them gather, they can be found holding up signs with gibberish on them and claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is a "rapist", "sexist", or "Misogynist Pig." Warning: If you see a femenazi, do not talk to her. Disagreeing with one is Rape and they get Triggered easily.
Innocent Bystander 1: Look at them protesting. They're saying that we should "end fathers' day"
Innocent Bystander 2: What a bunch of Femenazis
Innocent Bystander 3: You know, You two should really stop using the term Femenazi. It's offensive. To the Nazis.
by Brutus The Definer October 18, 2018
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Feme” refers to the female. “Nazi” refers to the followers of Hitler who carried out and completed orders of genocide. Femenazi’s are misogynistic men who wish for a genocide of female equality.
Bryan is drunk at a party. He tells this girl, Sarah, “shut up, bitch no one cares about your whore opinion. Jake pushes Bryan saying “cool off you fucking Femenazi.” Sarah agrees men who talk like that are FemeNazis
by Ladyliterature May 14, 2020
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something that stupid teen boys invented to say when a women has an opinion about gender (etc) or cares about equality because
they cant handle being challenged, or accept they have a benefit in society

so they say that thinking they are real hard top shit and cant stop everything in there path and become president of the world.
an example of when you'd hear 'femenazi'
girl - "women aren't treated fairly "
some silly boy - "yes they are."
a not so silly boy - "but they aren't"
girl - "exactly , also men and women are equal but women have some things harder such as periods and pregnancy"
silly boy - "ok but bEiNg hiT iN ThE BaLls iS wOrSe"
girl - "thats literally not true ..."
boy- "omg stfu you FEMANAZI"
by dora the explorer whore July 8, 2020
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