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Women who incorrectly label themselves as one who is involuntarily celibate , or a female version of an incel. For one reason or another the real cause is that such women really want guys a few SMV points above them and routinely friendzone or ghost men at or below their SMV, but then complain that they are invisible to men.
Carol claims she's a femcel, but she's 5'3'' 165 lbs, and will only date men that are in shape and fit. If she went out with guys as short and fat as her, she'd get laid !
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by RedPillAF December 20, 2018
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Female + incel. A female who is involuntarily celebrate. Typically because she has a repulsive personality or is physically unattractive. Many femcels are at risk of falling into the clutches of radical feminism or becoming a obsessively involved in a celebrity tumblr or twitter fandom.
I wouldn't touch that femcel with a seven inch pole.
by BadReligion42 June 21, 2018
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A female Incel or the modern equivalent of the loud feminist stereotype. Makes demands of others, acts cringey, and is an all around lulcow.
Don't mind Stacy. She's a Fem-cel. We just keep her around to see how deep she'll dig herself a hole.
by CaptainReducto June 11, 2018
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A female incel (involuntary celibate). Likely non-existent or at the most extremely rare.
P1> "hey P2, did you hear Sandra got laid?
P2> "holy shit, i guess that conclusively proves that femcels are mythical creatures that do not exist."
by Inqu’aanate November 24, 2018
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