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beautiful both inside and out intelligent chick with a nice ass, fun to hang out with easy to get along a unique piece of art who will never cheat on her boyfriend, hard to keep, picky for boys, looks inocent but loves to drink and party often imitated, but never duplicated
yo feli, your the bomb.
by felistar January 24, 2009
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The name describes a cute, hot, intelligent, loyal, nice, precious and beautiful girl. She has a nice body and knows how to use it. She texts with a lot of boys even tho she is very picky. In a relationship she would never cheat on her boyfriend. She truly gives all her love and once she get hurt she never forget about it. Around Friends she is a crazy bitch. It’s really easy to get along and have fun with her. Her appearance is innocent but once you get to know her you realize that partying is her thing. You should treat her like an angel because she deserves it.
A:hey, this one girl was going crazy this week she is so funny. What was her name again?
B:oh, you mean Feli

A:yeah, right
by ItsFeliBitch January 02, 2019
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The name of a female human who becomes a 'girlfriend' to a would-be male human companion after meeting during an Internet dating project. The Felis convinces would-be male that she would, indeed, bring home many other female humans for sexual playtime with any would-be male companion that the Felis could call her very own if given half a chance. Using this cunning camo, the Felis incites her would-be male companion into marriage when, in fact, the Felis never did intend to actually bring home another female human as a third party for sexual play with her now hitched male companion. Oh no. This was, in fact, nothing more than 'pillow talk'.
Don't you dare go near Felis...that bitch is mine!

by siddNullus February 05, 2009
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