The name describes a cute, hot, intelligent, loyal, nice, precious and beautiful girl. She has a nice body and knows how to use it. She texts with a lot of boys even tho she is very picky. In a relationship she would never cheat on her boyfriend. She truly gives all her love and once she get hurt she never forget about it. Around Friends she is a crazy bitch. It’s really easy to get along and have fun with her. Her appearance is innocent but once you get to know her you realize that partying is her thing. You should treat her like an angel because she deserves it.
A:hey, this one girl was going crazy this week she is so funny. What was her name again?
B:oh, you mean Feli

A:yeah, right
by ItsFeliBitch January 2, 2019
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A handsome and great girl she has a good personality. When you’re not a friend of her, you’re a loser. Very smart but doesn’t think before she does stuff that’s why she does dumb stuff and is a crackhead
by I’m a master_3065 June 3, 2020
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The best female CODM player EVER. She’s a toxic ass high school dropout that’s still popular with everyone
“Omg is that feli bro? We better leave the ranked match!”
by Felibro October 3, 2020
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The name describes an intelligent, beautiful and sexy girl that knows how to get what she wants. She won't tolerate any bullshit and isn't scared of confrontation. Dispite of her intimidating look, she can be one of the easiest people to be around, since she's very open and spontaneous. It's never complicated to hang out with her. She doesn't hold grudges, altough once you interact with her, she'll remember EVERYTHING. The bitch just does not forget. Her standarts are therefor rather high and she's picky, but once she likes you, there's no way she'd ever cheat.
A: No way, there's Feli.
B: Hell yeah, now we know the party's gonna be fun.
by swag4ever November 22, 2021
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cat - like ; holding feline properties
the felis male's smile was sly
by softboimocha December 6, 2020
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The name of a female human who becomes a 'girlfriend' to a would-be male human companion after meeting during an Internet dating project. The Felis convinces would-be male that she would, indeed, bring home many other female humans for sexual playtime with any would-be male companion that the Felis could call her very own if given half a chance. Using this cunning camo, the Felis incites her would-be male companion into marriage when, in fact, the Felis never did intend to actually bring home another female human as a third party for sexual play with her now hitched male companion. Oh no. This was, in fact, nothing more than 'pillow talk'.
Don't you dare go near Felis...that bitch is mine!

by siddNullus February 6, 2009
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Felis domesticus aka the House Cat. The highest form of life on Earth. Has used hypnotic powers of cuteness to enslave Homo sapiens to provide it with food and shelter, and, most importantly, a life of total freedom and leisure.
Canis familiaris saw what great success Felis domesticus had with enslaving the Homo sapiens primates, and almost accomplished the same feat with their similar powers of hypnotic cuteness, however, for some reason, the canines, for the most part, did not end up with the same levels of freedom as their feline counterparts, making them, in our opinion, the second smartest spieces on planet Earth, followed by Homo sapiens in a distant third place.

P.S. A late breaking development: A much more rare spieces, the ferret, may be tied with Canis familiaris for 2nd place in the planet Earth Intelligence Quotient, more details will be given upon further investigation.
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