Basically a game that ended c-ops. And if you don't know what c-ops is just look it up then.
Friend group: "lets go play CODM"
Also friend group: "yeahhh"
That one nerdy friend: anyone want to play c-ops?
by YungNotis October 6, 2019
Where tryhards, hackers and overall motherfucking bitches who ruin others time all come together to make CODM. CODM stands for Call of Duty Mobile. You can use it via a mobile device meaning you can take a shit while getting fucked by fucking retards that ruin people's time.
Person 1: Hey dude lets play CODM!
Person 2: Fuck hell no dude I would rather slice my penis and throw it at a pig than play that shit fuck game
by MinceFuck Cycle January 19, 2022
CODM is a shit game , where people simp for waifu skins and characters , Players spam Termites on Face , Use Lmgs and camp in a corner , Most Importantly F#ck themselves yelling.
Lodu : Wanna play CODM?
Chodu : I have less charging in my iPad
Lodu : iPad Tatta
by InsaneNerd12345 November 27, 2021
An epic CODM clan created by melting the ultimate simp, with really nice people, the nicest being wilbur.
"Yo, have you heard about The Clique CODM?"
"Yea bro, I've heard that wilbur is a really cool dude."
by wilbur the fucking cunt December 27, 2021
They always cry when they lose and give excuses . They wanna play the same map every single time . These kids purchase leggy guns but still lose.
by MYOBkiddo November 25, 2021