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r/feddy yes
by jucka meguca April 22, 2020
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short for rederal; I.E. currecy; Money.
I'm all bout dat feddy and nuthin else
by Shipp December 3, 2003
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Money, short for the Spanish word "feria" meaning money.
How you doing on the feddy?
I'm kinda short, you know.
by stop it loser March 3, 2011
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Street slang for fentanyl. This term is mostly used to represent china white, a pure powder form of fentanyl, unlike roxys/blues/30s which are counterfeit Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical 30mg oxys pills with the imprint "M30" commonly sold as fake oxys pressed with fentanyl. Other oxy brands that are also counterfeited with legit imprints can be K9, A215, V4812, RP30, E8, ALG265, etc.
Aye boss you got any china white?
Yeah man I got some feddie, how much you need?
Lemme get an eighth of that white.
by August 5, 2021
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N. Cash. As in "federal-ies"
Yo Ezekiel, You got those feddies you owe me?
by Chris May 28, 2003
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It’s just Freddy from Five Night’s at Freddy’s but like the amogus meme
Feddy is life
by Stupid FNAF fan March 3, 2022
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