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verb, to steal. Old Dublin word, and not a corruption of the 'other one'!
Let's go to the orchard and feck a few apples.
by Gerry Doyle July 26, 2002
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a word originating from the emeral isle. can be used as a profanity similar to the word fuck, but also as an adjective,etc. in everyday conversation.
What the feck?
Take any feckin road you want, they'll all lead to carrick-on-shannon.
by jp2549 September 4, 2005
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While in Ireland I heard feck used two ways.

definition 1) to toss away, usually involves mean intent toward another person's belongings.

definition 2) to make a small theft, usually not of any great moral consequences.

1) The bullies took the book bag from the small boy and "fecked" it into the river.
2) Broke and feeling hungry the boys snuck into the old man's orchard and "fecked" some apples to eat.
by Er M Os November 24, 2006
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Mild swear word commonly used in Ireland and even more frequently used by 2.39 million subscriber count Youtuber Call Me Kevin.
by bitternancy June 21, 2020
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Vernacular expletive used as part of common expressions in surprisingly pleasing siuations by Irish Chaplains.
- Would ye loike sahm tea fathar - it's got cocaine in et. I mean... shugar.

- Feck me! Did ye say cocaine Missis Doyle?
by Al Who Knows December 26, 2005
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Another word for the swear word 'Fuck', generally used in Ireland. Can be used as 'Fecking', 'Fecker' etc.

*Kevin gets hit by car*
Johnny: Oh shit... GET THE PARAMEDICS!
by thatguywithbaddefs October 8, 2018
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