jess-"there's a puddle of piss and shit in the kitchen."
kiley-"well, feck!"
by kiley89 January 17, 2008
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As well as being an intentional alternative to the word fuck, people with extremely noticable California accents say the word "fuck" in a way that comes out more like "feck."
Oh feck, man, the waves are like totally non-surfable today dude.
by bohemian September 21, 2006
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if used in front of parents, its the worst thing for u to do.
"feck you!" she screams to her mum, as she runs down the driveway.
by osxar July 3, 2004
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Alternative to fuck, used not entirely by do-gooders who want to avoid the foulest four letter word, but mainly by internet users humorously trying to imitate them.
Oh feck, Carlton.
by Alex January 26, 2004
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Used instead of the word "fuck."
What the feck just happened?/ You fecking idiot.
by 5672 December 7, 2016
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An Irish term, Feck is without a set annotation or connotation, and can be positive or negative depending upon context. Very Zen-like, really.
"You Fecking bastard, I love ya!'

"Feck off, Seamus."

"Feck you, man."
by The REAL 2wingo March 13, 2010
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