This random word all over this kid's firefighter shirt. Now, its a common term with an unknown meaning. Fun to yell at people.
by Katrina&Chloe June 11, 2011
a short form for february. also known as short form for names, boys and girls. rhymes with fab and fap. means fabulous fapper.
feb! let's go out tonight, you always fap. what is wrong with you?

fap is love fap is life.
by febber September 10, 2015
A 'Fat Emo Bitch'. Someo one that is, fat and emo (they are only emo because they are fat and apprently black is slimming and they cry because ppl call them fat)
Oh My, Why did u get with that feb?
by Ian Pearson July 15, 2005
February refers to the month devoted to black history, henceforth a February or "Feb" is an African American person.
"Gee Whiz Todd, I didn't see one Feb on the slopes today", "Come on Dan, are there ever any?"

I was walking through the ghetto and I saw a Feb, so I got scared and ran.
by Cletus Cumberdale September 28, 2005
My, he's certainly Feb today!
by Shingo April 23, 2003
Full English Breakfast...

As in - "What Heinz created ketchup for"
You freak! Ketchup and Brown on your FEB?!?!
by RichSauce October 13, 2010