an acronym standing for "Fingers Crossed For Snow," showing one's wishes for frozen precipitation to delay or cancel school, but without jinxing the possibility of such an occurrence.
After slapping the kid for saying the S-word (snow), I told him to say fcfs instead, to not jinx our chances for a snow day.
by fcfs January 30, 2006
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Let's get together and play foosball at this week's FCF.
by godilovefoos July 11, 2008
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fcf all day !
by mirfnmugga February 18, 2012
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People tend to use this on social media, like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. "FCF" means "Female Crush Friday"
Rihanna is my FCF
by JVDAGOD June 28, 2019
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Food crush Friday. Similar to wcw (woman crush Wednesday) and mcm (man crush Monday). You pick a food that you love and post a picture of it on a social media site with FCF somewhere in the caption or title.
Man I could eat a bowl of nachos bigger than Kim Kardashians butt #FCF
by FuriousMonkey7 February 5, 2015
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FCF means "Female Crush Friday" as used in slang terms. You could find the the term FCF on the following apps:Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, ect.
Your mom my FCF
by JVDAGOD June 28, 2019
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