First cum first serve.fcfs. it's an snycronym.
I got 10 ounces of chron (herb) fcfs
by R$ April 7, 2016
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Fresh Cut Friday

When you get a haircut on a Friday
It's FCF
by Ccmntw October 30, 2015
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=Fat Cunt Full.
Uncomfortably full.
Ate too much.
Ate a huge meal.
Massive pig-out.
>Waddup dude?
>Oooh....FCF man!
by groper October 4, 2005
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Fuck Crush Friday”, like WCW but for that special person you would really just love to fuck senseless
Jace: “Yoo I posted Hanna as my FCF and she totally slid up!!”
Bryan: “Bro, frl?? What’d she say?”
Jace: “ She said lets make it happen!”
by Havoc02 December 13, 2019
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Fat Cunt Feed, such as KFC, McDonalds or other fast food restaurants. Usually enjoyed whilst a hangover is present.
Yo man, do you wanna go get an FCF? I'm starving!
by FCF October 16, 2005
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Fat Chicks Fucker
(Same as FGF)

Use to describe people who can't get good looking ladies and settles for the fat chicks.
You disgust me! I hate to admit it, but my bro is an FCF
by monarch April 28, 2005
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