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In Western Canada, the word fazz refers to the crazy way that every marijuana user claims to be using for medical purposes, but really just enjoys being a stoner. At the University of Victoria the guys and gals doing research on medical marijuana are called Fazzers cuz they smoke all the stuff they are supposed to be sharing with their patients.
Example? He's just a fazzer - he faked his disease so his doctor would sign off on his grow show!
by i am the fazz-man! December 02, 2010
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suffix; added to the end of any word to amplify that word's original meaning. Derived from the German LindzFazz
Shut up, bitchfazz, i really did have E. Coli.

or, used positively

Oh, man, Veronica is totes beautifazz
by FazzFam April 16, 2007
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Hybrid of "fucking" and "spaz". Translates to standard English as "damn remedial".
It's not ALL Pacino, it's Al you fucking fazz!
by ManualFoetusPuppetShow June 12, 2004
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The word 'Fazz' is used when someone farts and jizzes at the same time.
Dude 1: I was banging this hot chick last night...and I totally fazzed...

Dude 2: Oh wow, unlucky!
by Floob July 20, 2009
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an ugly motherfucker who plays girls and lies to them in order to get in their pants.
thinks basically only with his penis. (which is rather small)
if you are named fazz then you have karma chasing you for the rest of your life.

it is a term known for when someone is being fucked over by a male.

hated by many loved by those he fools.
if a girl gets played: wow you have been fazzed!

don't let a FAZZ ever happen to you.

by shame08 May 13, 2008
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whenever you have a warm fart fazz it by simply saying fazz many times
"oh man i just had a warm fart"

"well fazz it then!"

"Fazz Fazz Fazz Fazz" -(while moving your hands about your butt, trying to take away the smell)
by Big Jobbie August 29, 2007
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