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someone oppossed to fat people, fat culture, and the fat influence in our culture

fattists are often seen as a negative thing and people jump to label them, but really they are only converned with a healthy america. your fat, your problem.

fattists believe the overweights should be actively working to be thinner. until then, fuck off.
person a: That skinny model is hot.
person b: fattist!
by tiffany April 22, 2005
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Someone Predjudiced against Fat People.
Or who feels detested at the sight of these sores upon the eye, who feel it is pish these bastards cost us our taxes to pay for their treatment for cholestorol on the NHS when all they need is to spend a week with some starving africans.Who continually whinge about there weight and do nothing about it and who where revealing close when they should be locked away.
"aww rank" Man Upon Spotting a Fatty on the bus

"Your Fattist you bastard" Fatty says to man

"No I think you'll find ur the Fattest" Man On Bus
by trubru91 February 01, 2007
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Someone who dislikes fat people, their whining, their medical problems and their excuses.
The tax payer supports their fat asses giving them no incentive to do anything about it, though why they care to stay that way no one knows.
Fact : Most people are fat because they are greedy and or lazy. I know this because I too used to be fat - then I got sick of my own whining and did something about it.
Fact: It is going to be made an 'offense' to call anyone 'fat' or 'obese'. Okay, let's not be honest and tip-toe around the problem - that should help.
'Wow! Look how fat that guy is!'
'Hey! Don't say that, that's rude you fattist!'
by Lyricalgangsta June 11, 2012
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A person who subconsciously links overweight individuals as looking like the same famous person. I. E, Every full figured white girl looks like Adele.
Mom says to daughter about new sister n law, she looks like Adele. Daughter stunned, tells mom she’s a fattist.
by Msjames44 February 05, 2019
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