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1. One who resides on a council estate.

2. One who is foul-mouthed/can't help but make a scene in public.
'check this loser, he is such a councilite'

'must you shoot your huge mouth off, you councilite?'

loser councilite
by lyricalgangsta April 06, 2009

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The right to pull out at junctions, change lanes, use the same lane all the way round the roundabout, not use indicators etc as if anyone hits you, they are likely to write their car off and if you hit anyone else, you are likely to punt them off the road altogether.
Passenger: 'Don't you need to give way here?'

Volvo Driver: 'No!? I am using my volvo perogative'

volvo perogative volvo driver volvo
by lyricalgangsta April 06, 2009

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Someone a bit council who has no pride whatsoever in their appearance.
'wash your hair love, you look a right dirter'

trampy dirty dirter
by lyricalgangsta April 06, 2009

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Someone who dislikes fat people, their whining, their medical problems and their excuses.
The tax payer supports their fat asses giving them no incentive to do anything about it, though why they care to stay that way no one knows.
Fact : Most people are fat because they are greedy and or lazy. I know this because I too used to be fat - then I got sick of my own whining and did something about it.
Fact: It is going to be made an 'offense' to call anyone 'fat' or 'obese'. Okay, let's not be honest and tip-toe around the problem - that should help.
'Wow! Look how fat that guy is!'
'Hey! Don't say that, that's rude you fattist!'
by Lyricalgangsta June 11, 2012

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