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One of the greatest boys ever known to man. He's wonderful, he's cute, he energetic, he's funny , he's everything a girl wants and everything a guy want to be. However, he doesn't get full of himself and he's a very loving person, he cares for others and is a people's person. His good looks is appealing to everyone. If you never had him get you a Fatih
All I want in my life is a Fatih type of guy 😍❤
by ponamadocasade February 18, 2018
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A hot guy with a gigantic penis. Usually breaks up with girls less than a month. Also known as heartbreak, athlete.
Wow that guy is such a Fatih for doing that for her.
by indiancoolhotpersonsyrian April 19, 2016
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fat turkish guy with a small penis.
Often refered to as a guy who breaks up with girls after 1 month.
Associated with the terms heartbreaker, faggot and analjungle
Holy shit, that guy is such a fatih for doing this to her
by prnisboi February 07, 2015
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