To be one that is envied but loved, admired but feared, a cool Kat that can handle any situation and has a multitude of skills and attributes he makes life for his surrounding networks just that little bit better, knowing a Mehmed will make you 10% cooler and increase your status in society just that little bit higher.

Pleasant to look at
lovely to touch
terrific to smell
amazing to feel
Joe Blow: 'I became friends with a Mehmed and life just got that little bit better, I had more chicks, I didnt have to line up at clubs, my girlfriend got hotter, I got a faster car, people wanted to know me and I got put on the A list'

Jane Blow: ' A Mehmed fucked my life, I had one, and now nothing compares'
by The man with the red face February 24, 2010
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Is from Turkish descent, known for being a massive simp and whore for cock
Mehmed; “ this girl I’ve been talking to for 2 and half years has blocked me on everything and has rejected me 20 times now should I just jump off west gate?”
Jemil and emre: “ yes.”
by Cum3 February 17, 2020
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a word used at any given moment at any given time
"Yo Beats, you coming tonight?"
by Bob Dabrickashaw November 24, 2017
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mom, mum, mother, etc.
example 1: "I love you mehm"

example two: "sorry dude, my mehm won't let me go"
by minu1996 May 29, 2011
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A term used for an extremely annoying person, often with strange hair and/or weird habits of placing their hands behind their back.

Can also be used as a verb; to "Mehm" something is usually to fuck something up majorly.
Wow that kid is soooo annoying!
He must be a Mehm

(after ruining the punchline of a good joke)
You stupid little fuck! Way to Mehm my joke...
by mehminator November 28, 2009
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You can pretty much replace any word with this word.
Dude I can see your mehmer, because you're wearing sweatpants.
by nipplin November 25, 2009
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How Eric Cartman from South Park pronounces the word “mom”.
Eric is known for whining “but mehm” when he wants something.
by velvetvamp25 August 06, 2021
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