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Someone who has a weight problem and is socially inept. One who tries to identify themself with materialistic items rather than figure out how to talk to people effectively.
Thing One: "Boy, that weird red head in our office really has a penchant for Juicy Couture, Lamb and Betsey Johnson. Maybe she should put the fork down instead!"

Thing Two: "Ya, she's such a fatard!"
by Far Behind May 01, 2008
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n: one who is or has become so obese that his physical movements are drastically impaired (as if he were retarded).
The poor fatard can't even get up to go to the bathroom anymore.
by vinniemese July 22, 2008
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Although he tried for hours, the fatard didnt realize his pants were too small and did not fit him, as he is a size 64 and the pants he was trying on were size 36.
by Tao Cerebro March 23, 2011
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