Fatal attraction basically goes BEYOND normal attraction
for someone. It gets to the point where a person may
become morbidly infatuated with their love interest to the
point where it can get unhealthy and dangerous. If you find
yourself boiling rabbits..you may have a problem. See
Movie "Fatal Attraction." If you have fantasies of making
that special someone YOURS (envisioning raping them)...you
have issues. If you have comtemplated on killing those who
will get in the way of your happiness and want to get rid
of the competition...that is FATAL ATTRACTION. If you are
stalking your prey when they rejected you...that's FATAL
ATTRACTION. AT this point...you are probally beyond help
and chances are...you will be slammed with a restraining
order..but of course that won't stop you because your
CRAZY IN LOVE..and just plain crazy.
Adrien: "Joe won't leave me alone."
Helen: "Yeah...you told me that he went after you like a mad man because he thought you fucked James."
Adrien: "And the funny thing is ...I had already broke up with him..and yet it was like he wanted to do bodily harm..I am glad I got away. He is CRAZY!"
Helen: "It's like a scene from the movie "Fatal
Adrien: "Only this is MY LIFE...and I'm living in a real
fatal attraction scenario!!"
by Kaylani December 2, 2006
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"Fatal Attraction" is a movie about a married man who has an adulterous one-night stand. Then the woman he slept with stalks him and terrorizes his family.
That bitch is crazy! She's liable to go "Fatal Attraction" on your ass.
by Silky Smooth February 16, 2004
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Someone who is obsessive and dangerous, especially, in pursuit of another for:

1. rejecting/spurning that someone.
2. treating that someone dirty.

It can also be expressed as "a fatal attraction."
A fatal attraction for example involves in 2 movies:

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close

Martin Lawrence and Lynn Whitfield
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 17, 2006
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An attraction between an individual and someone/something that is so strong, the individual lacks reason and logic in their thinking when dealing with their attraction. The subject is often someone/something that will have a negative impact on the individual.
She knew that he was bad news, but it was a fatal attraction.
by Redwork September 9, 2005
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one whom is willing to put not only their life at risk for a fictional relationship, but everyone elses around them(including the partner)
Self abuse-to put a partner in jail (setting a partner up if other partner the choose to brake the relationship off, inorder to punish the partner)often resulting in incarceration
by Miss Harris October 19, 2003
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