Whitfield is a girl who has a close group of friends. Although, you can make great memories with this girl, she has a bad temper (gets mad easily). She stands by her opinions so if you try to change them she gets mad.. She may call you stupid... a lot. She sounds like a horrible person so let’s get to the good stuff! She has a super cute dog that you will fall in love with. You can make amazing memories with this girl. You will have 6000000000 million inside jokes. Even if you only know her for a month you will have lots of fun. Whitfield is a bad dancer but you still jump in and dance with her. Whitfield is a party girl who has a soft spot that you need to find. Keep her around!
Liam : Who’s that horrible dancer?

Avery : Oh that’s Whitfield!
by cimd123 - Instagram August 2, 2019
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Whitfield is a famous celebrity. He has very pretty eyes and a very big man brain. He is practically a zoologist, and likes bugs for some reason. Hes got a fine ass and a finer heart. Hes got a hard and meaty vocabulary. He's totally real, I swear, he is from canada. Chill guy, everybody loves Whitfield. Very white. Very handsome.
guy 1: Hey why does that guy like bugs so much?
guy 2: Thats whitfield!
Whitfield: They chill as heck!
by SimpforWhitfield November 11, 2020
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Parties that are typically held in the Midwest, they are heavily influenced by homemade speed and bath salts. Partygoers will search for the most depraved and taboo sexual acts they can find on the internet (this may be done while wearing ninja suits or kimonos). Usually, at some point, a person may become offended by a slight, real or imaginary, directed toward them by a person that may or may not exist. At this point, a sword is often brandished before disappearing into the night to burglarize cars and homes.
"Man, you missed a crazy Whitfield party last night! Dave thought he was being cussed out by somebody that wasn't even there, he pulled a sword and flipped out. He ran off into the night. Chris said he found him passed out on the toilet at his house trying to take a dump while wearing a ninja suit."
by JunkyMunky December 27, 2011
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The type of man you would ride horse back through the alps with while telling tales of your childhood hooligan antics of the good old days with the sewer rats.
The mans a real Whitfield Jones
by Ray Harbarch May 19, 2021
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