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A stalker is someone who says "You belong to me and I have your soul"...OR "Your mine and I won't let anyone have you." He also points out that he knows everything about you and questions on a daily basis "Did you fuck anyone?" He follows you around like he has no sense. He becomes
threatening when you ignore him or show no interest. He has his friends(errand boys) keep tabs on you...they report everything to your stalker. He acts like there was a relationship...when there was none. And he gets off on creeping you out or pissing you off...as long as you don't
ignore him. ANY attention ...even negative attention is a good thing to a stalker. BUT DO NOT IGNORE THEM...they can't stand that. They are normally possessive,obsessive and just plain delusional.
John "Hey Helena...I know everything about you!"
Elena: "What are you talking about?"
John: "Go ahead...ask me any question"
Elena: "Dude..your really creepy."
John: "Yeah, well...YOU SHOULD BE SCARED OF ME!"
John: "But I love you!"
Elena: "Hey Susan..your friend John is like a stalker!"
by Kaylani November 30, 2006
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Fatal attraction basically goes BEYOND normal attraction
for someone. It gets to the point where a person may
become morbidly infatuated with their love interest to the
point where it can get unhealthy and dangerous. If you find
yourself boiling rabbits..you may have a problem. See
Movie "Fatal Attraction." If you have fantasies of making
that special someone YOURS (envisioning raping them)...you
have issues. If you have comtemplated on killing those who
will get in the way of your happiness and want to get rid
of the competition...that is FATAL ATTRACTION. If you are
stalking your prey when they rejected you...that's FATAL
ATTRACTION. AT this point...you are probally beyond help
and chances are...you will be slammed with a restraining
order..but of course that won't stop you because your
CRAZY IN LOVE..and just plain crazy.
Adrien: "Joe won't leave me alone."
Helen: "Yeah...you told me that he went after you like a mad man because he thought you fucked James."
Adrien: "And the funny thing is ...I had already broke up with him..and yet it was like he wanted to do bodily harm..I am glad I got away. He is CRAZY!"
Helen: "It's like a scene from the movie "Fatal
Adrien: "Only this is MY LIFE...and I'm living in a real
fatal attraction scenario!!"
by Kaylani December 2, 2006
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A slut is normally a woman with loose sexuality. She may be a paid hooker(whore)...or the girl that flirts with someone elses boyfriend because she's an insecure JEALOUS SLUT. She pretty much has no limits on who she decides to screw...which is pretty much any guy that would give her the time of day. Normally..a slut thinks she's all that...but guys think she's just a easy piece of ass..and not neccessarily hot. Chances are...guys will pass the SLUT around..and she's probally too stupid to realize it. A slut is someone who would be jealous of the (GOOD PRETTY GIRL) who doesn't need to spread her legs to be liked. Sluts are girls who are too stupid to realize that guys don't take them seriously. And any guy that's stupid enough to be in a relationship with a dirty slut is a SLUT (MAN WHORE). A slut most likely has a loose pussy..because too many cocks have sampled it.
Ed: "So how was your night with Ann?"
Joe: "Man...she fucked me real good!"
Ed: "You know..she's been around the block a few times."
Joe: "Yeah she's a easy piece of ass...what a SLUT!"
"I introduced her to my friend James."
Ed: "Yep...nothing like passing around a dirty SLUT to
your friends...ha...ha!!!!
by Kaylani December 2, 2006
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