To press another button accidentally, while pressing numbers or letters that you meant to, resulting in an incorrect extra number/letter. Such as when typing something, or dialing a phone number.
Someone fat-fingered the p instead of the o, that's how pwnage was made.
by Jessica H. September 20, 2006
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When you dial the wrong phone numbet by mistake.
I'm sorry Sir, I must have fat-fingered your number. My bad!
by talk2me-JCH2 March 30, 2021
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Pressing the keys on a cell phone, radio, or computer keyboard and getting improper results because your fingers have hit more than one key at a time. A common problem for those of us with pudgy fingers.
I can't use that cell phone. I keep on fat-fingering the buttons, and I keep on getting wrong numbers!
by pentozali May 3, 2006
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A specific kind of typo where one stroke presses two keys instead of the intended one.
the z was pressed along with the x
by Squee! June 23, 2005
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verb, the act of performing a typo. Often used when referring to password typos. See Fat Finger Disease
"I thought the server was down, but I just fat fingered my password."

"You didn't get my email? I must have fat fingered the address."
by Lord Andre March 31, 2005
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The syndrome used to describe a person who consistently makes typing errors when chatting or in emails. Fat Fingers is derived from the image that due to their large fingers, they press many letters when only intending to press one.
Steph: Hey why are you on so late?
Kyra: Oh i dunnp ahg a aprty
Steph: fat fingers much?
Kyra: sorry i meant i had a party.
by ridiculousteph May 29, 2008
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